Long Creative + You = Unlimited possibilities

Below are a few examples we have created to help deliver some very important announcements!

George and Shirley came over for what they thought was a FaceTime call with their daughter, but it was interrupted with some breaking news from Chicago!

This is the reaction we captured from George and Shirley…PRICELESS!

Robby wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a very unique way. He asked us to help him put together a “Movie Trailer” that would play during the previews at a local movie theater, which his girlfriend would be attending.

This is Shelli’s reaction to Robby’s big screen debut.

Long Creative and New River Ultrasonics have teamed up to make your pregnancy very memorable. New River Ultrasonics will perform an ultrasound in the comfort of your own home and we will capture every precious minute for you to cherish for years to come!


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